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Consolidar is a leader for Washington State and the Western US in helping families achieve the American Dream. As part of this mission, Consolidar partners closely with employers to promote safety and manage risks that would harm both them and their workforce. Families need employment from thriving businesses and businesses need an engaged and healthy workforce. We bring both of these worlds together in the Consolidar Network.

The Latino community is the largest and fastest growing minority in the United States with over 50 million people. If this community was a Spanish speaking country, it would be larger than Spain and the second largest in the world after Mexico.

The influence of Latinos is leading a profound change in America. Latinos have strong family values and are entrepreneurial at heart. Census data from 1990 to 2012, shows self-employment among Latinos growing 10 times faster than the U.S. population overall to a level of more than 2 million. According to a study from the U.S. Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, Latino operated firms grew from $358 billion in gross sales to $468 billion over the period 2007-2013. This impressive economic growth happened over a period dominated by the Great Recession.

However, Latinos ability to flourish is constrained by a variety of pervasive obstacles such as a language, immigration status, and cultural differences. Latinos in the United States experience lower educational attainment, lower income, higher rates of unemployment, and lower levels of health insurance coverage than the population as a whole. Closing these gaps will benefit the whole country by increasing the pool of skilled labor for an expanding economy and reducing the burden on public assistance for current programs.

Consolidar is working with companies and organizations to create a culture of worker safety and education that enables successful businesses, while fostering a mindset of success for Latino communities across that leads to:

Better Jobs
More Education
Healthy Lifestyles

Many isolated initiatives have failed to provide meaningful impact for minority communities. So Consolidar is taking a different approach by building a comprehensive ecosystem that addresses systemic social and cultural challenges. The foundation for this ecosystem is Better Jobs for parents. Stable, good paying jobs model success to children and provide the economic resources necessary for parents to keep their kids in school, support the educational development of their families, eat healthy, attain adequate health benefits, and start new job-creating businesses. We will build on the foundation of better jobs by weaving a culture of success through everything we do in serving the Latino community. This formula will be a powerful catalyst that changes the destiny of Latino families.

To achieve our goal, Consolidar is providing job-ready training to job seekers and enlisting the power of employers to conveniently fill their workforce needs from the fastest growing labor pool in the country. Our jobs network connects individual career development plans with “5 Star” rated employers looking to hire. In addition to jobs, we serve the needs of both employees and employers by providing access to partner services that promote more education, job skill training, and healthy lifestyles.

While helping maintain healthy and talented workforces, our best employers also asked for help in managing a spectrum of risks across their business, including their number one asset – employees. Clients turned to Consolidar for assistance in managing their workers’ compensation costs, safety training and education, loss prevention consultation, faster employee recovery from injury, or job retraining in the most extreme situations.

Helping companies build an environment of safety and education embedded as part of their culture helps sustain the economic vibrancy of our employers and demonstrates to employees that they are paid to be safe. Safety is not just a priority – Priorities are fluid and subject to change especially as companies adapt to economic cycles. We help companies understand that safety is an embedded and immovable part of their culture that provides long term stability and prosperity.

While our focus is on Latinos, access to the job network, risk management services, and partner solutions is available to anyone. The Consolidar ecosystem is designed to improve the strength and vibrancy of all communities.

A brighter future for the Latino community is possible. Let’s make it happen.

Mike Sotelo, President and CEO









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