What Risk Management Services are offered to Employers by Consolidar?

Risk Management Program Assessment

From a complete Safety assessment to launching an educational program, or a worksite Safety evaluation, we’ve got you covered.

  • Initial and ongoing Risk Management assessments
  • Policy and procedure development
  • Safety promotion and education
  • Acting Safety and Risk Manager
  • Posting information for state/federal requirements
  • Life, safety, property and casualty assessments
  • Safety meeting facilitation
  • Worksite/facility Safety evaluations
  • OSHA/MSHA compliance
  • Ergonomic program evaluation, development and management
  • Fleet management
  • Insurance carrier and broker communications
  • Safety committee set-up and management
  • Safety supply consolidation and distribution

Workers Compensation Retro and Claims Management

Claims program implementation, development, record keeping protocol, and handling of all insurance communications- Consolidar is your outsourced compensation and claims management expert.

  • Complete review of WC/GL claim management program
  • Policy and procedure development
  • Record keeping
  • Industrial insurance evaluation: Statefund, Individual Retro, and Group Retro
  • Industrial insurance contact and communications
  • Retro group contact, management and communications
  • Acting Claims Manager

Employee Light Duty and Return to Work Management

Returning employees to light-duty work? We oversee everything. Consolidar will also coordinate vocational evaluation, approval process, and your employees return to the workplace:

  • Modified job set-up and approval
  • Vocational evaluation and approval
  • Employee monitoring
  • Return to work coordination & program management

How much does access to the Consolidar Job Network cost for an employer?

We offer 2 job post pricing options for employers.  Please visit this page for more information and to sign up and post your open positions.

How do I post a job through the portal?

To create a job posting on the Consolidar Network, you need only provide the job description, location, minimum requirements, and labor information. To post multiple jobs efficiently, the Consolidar Network allows for bulk uploads using a .CSV (Excel) file. Our employment ambassadors and matching technology help assure that candidates will be presented with job opportunities that best fit their skills, experience, and keywords they have added to their profile.

Can I remove a job?

If you’ve filled a position or feel that you already have a sufficient volume of applicants you can remove your job at any time.

What will happen when someone wants to apply to a posting?

Individuals who express interest in posted jobs are connected with employment ambassadors, who help assess whether the candidate’s skills and experience meet the requirements posted by employers. The ambassadors also help candidates hired by employers registered with the Consolidar Network to evaluate training opportunities that can help the candidates/employees progress in their jobs and become more productive and valuable employees.

Do you have any involvement in the hiring process?

No. Once the connection has been made through our network, with the assistance of a Consolidar Network employment ambassador, the process is then handled between you and the applicant.